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Making Aging Easy for U

Youthfully U - Simple Home Modifications to Make Aging in Place Possible

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own home you have been in for years. Parents are entering the golden years in larger numbers. They have been in their home, raised their kids and have a treasure trove of memories, firsts and experiences.

Parents, given a choice sometimes are choosing to age in place and staying in their life long home instead of an assisted living facility or moving in with family.

Often the home’s original design may not meet the standards for aging in place parents or owners. Doorways may be too small for a walker or wheel chair. Cabinet shelves are too high to climb on a ladder anymore, tubs are too small and troublesome to get in and out of, bathroom floor might be too slick when water gets on it and need more texture. TRUEU with some slight remodeling and modifications transform a challenge for the elderly and disabled to a comfortable living space that can enhance their quality of life.

AARP has a checklist on their website with expert advice from to help make the transition and choices for aging in place as easy as possible:

  • TRUEU in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a full-service remodeling company that understands that ageing in place requires making some changes in not only your lifestyle but your home, too.
  • Make kitchen updates, bathroom upgrades, and finally feel safe that you can remove the challenges that aging can create.


Preparing your home for retirement doesn’t have to only be about your evolving mobility and safety needs. They should also be attractive to the eye and help to make sure that you enjoy your time at home.

Retirement remodeling can be as effortless as you want when you rely on the experience of TRUEU you to facilitate in creating the most enjoyable environment for getting older.


The freedom of retirement can come with little challenges. Being able to get around your own home comfortably shouldn’t be one of them. Hiring TRUEU for senior accessibility renovations and home upgrades will give you access to professional craftsmen who can take care of your update needs as well as some pretty exciting desires.

Prepare your house for a comfortable life as you get older. We can help make the process effortless and straightforward from concept to completion.

Convenient Accessibility Updates:

  • Phone integrated smart technology
  • Widening of Areas for access
  • Chair Lifts & Slides
  • Motion Activated Lighting
  • Widen Doorways & Hallways
  • Slip-Resistant Flooring Installation
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Elevators
  • Countertop Height Adjustment
  • Step-Through Bathtubs & Showers
  • Easily Accessible Storage
  • Easy Use Fixtures & Door Hardware
  • Automated Doors

Other Great Home Upgrades to Consider:

  • Home Office Addition
  • Improve or Install More Lighting
  • Whole-Home Automation
  • First Floor Bedroom Additions
  • Timeless Kitchen Remodeling
  • Luxury Bathroom Remodeling
  • Energy-Saving Upgrades


When it’s time to spend more time at home, your comfort, safety, financial security, and enjoyment should all be taken into account. Whether your goal is to streamline your living to save money, or you want luxurious accommodations for your happiness, TRUEU can help you to accomplish these things. As your local, reliable luxury home builder, we can even help you design the perfect new house, or whole-home remodel.


Don’t put off tomorrow what you can enjoy today. You have spent a good portion of your life working, saving and preparing for the future. Now that more time might be at home and you are looking to enjoy more quality of life. It’s time for you to consider how you will choose to relish the independence and relaxation that you deserve.

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