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Having experience working for a large single-family home REIT with over 50,000 rentals and being a pioneer in the build to rent category on a large scale, you learn a thing or two about rental homes. TRUEU knows efficiencies, design, technology, materials and how to incorporate them, thus enhancing the renters experience while at the same time reducing turn-time and maintenance costs.

Whether you want to find land, design and build a whole new community of several rental homes or remodel your current portfolio. TRUEU can extend their expertise to allow you to increase your financial objectives.

Building to rent or remodeling an investment property requires a different approach than remodeling your own home because you have your bottom line to consider. Our experience is “Best in Class”. TRUEU knows what to build, how to build and what fixes work best in a rental to attract the best tenants, preserve the property, reduce both maintenance and turn costs.

From subtle changes like updating hardware to larger projects like knocking down walls or adding a room, there are a lot of ways to enhance a space for tenants. But what renovations add the most value to a rental property? Renters place a lot of weight on the look, feel and function of the kitchen and bathroom.

We will start from the ground up and work our way through the design build stages of building several homes specifically to rent or suggested improvements to increase the value of your existing rental property. At TRUEU we know what works to increase the true value, while reducing your cost over the long haul. We know what to offer to get tenants to rent longer, have less maintenance, repairs and increase your profits.

At TRUEU we have experience increasing the value of your rental property and what is needed to make it happen:

  1. Build to rent design projects from the ground up.
  2. Renovate the Kitchen
  3. Remodel the Bathroom
  4. Update Curb Appeal
  5. Install New Floors
  6. Paint and update easy fixes
  7. Create an open floor plan
  8. Offer Popular and Updated Amenities
  9. Many other modifications and changes to increase value, reduce maintenance and accelerate turn times.
  • TRUEU can facilitate in brining you better tenants and, by extension, more money.
  • TRUEU helps differentiate your rental property from competitors, by remodeling to make your property as attractive as possible. If you have room in your budget, paying a little extra for a more finished look will give you room to raise the monthly rental amount.
  • TRUEU can help improve energy efficiency. We conduct a thermal scan to determine where and how to prevent loss of heat and air. Adding features like energy-efficient windows and a programmable thermostat can reduce the cost of utilities for future tenants, which is a popular selling point.
  • TRUEU can help Increase property value: When you improve the available features of the rental property, you will increase the resale value.
  • TRUEU can help Improve renter satisfaction: By including newer and higher quality appliances, updating the countertops or making any other improvements, you will not only give future tenants a great experience, but these products will require less maintenance. This means fewer calls to you to come fix a broken dishwasher that keeps leaking, garage door that will not open, garbage disposal that keeps jamming. This increases renter satisfaction and makes them more likely to renew their lease.
  • You can deduct renovation costs from your taxes: If you are simply making repairs to maintain your rental property, any costs you incur for the fixes can likely be deducted from the property’s taxable income. However, anything beyond a simple repair or emplacement can be labeled an improvement and is not a deductible expense.

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